What is Veterans Advocates Group of America (VAGA)?
VAGA was founded by leading experts in the areas of veterans benefits, elder law,and financial planning with the goal of
uniting Attorneys, Financial  Planners, Care Managers, and other professionals who work with veterans and their families
for the purpose of furthering their education related to veterans benefits.  VAGA was established in 2008 as an association
VAGA caters to VA accredited attorneys and agents, as well as non-accredited individuals who wish to educate veterans
and their families about potential benefits that are available through the VA and the Department of Defense (DOD).
Our VAGA Founders
Karen McIntyre:  A VA Accredited Agent and Registered Nurse, co-creator of the VisPro veterans
benefits software program, and manager of one of the nation's largest list-serves specific to VA
issues.  She has been teaching veterans benefits to professionals across the country for the past
twelve years.

Jay McIntyre: A co-creator of the VisPro veterans benefits software program.  Having spent 20
years in the corporate world and 10 years as a private business owner, he brings his business
experiences to the company.  

Victoria Collier:  An Elder Law Attorney and a published author who is nationally known for her
expertise in both VA and Medicaid planning.  She is considered one of the nation's leading experts
in VA.  

Rudy Beck:  As an Elder Law Attorney practicing in Missouri for over 36 years, he frequently
presents seminars to the general public and often presents workshops to other attorneys
throughout the country regarding Veterans Benefits and Medicaid Asset Protection Planning.  

Don Quante: A nationally known Financial Planner who specializes in comprehensive wealth
protection strategies and in pairing attorneys and financial planners to better serve their veteran
clients and families.
Karen McIntyre
Victoria Collier
Don Quante
Rudy Beck
Jay McIntyre

Veterans Advocates
Group of America

2020 Veterans Benefits Conference
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