Hi Jay,

Thanks to you and Karen and all the presenters for last week’s program and arrangement of accommodations.  I found the material very
helpful, and I appreciate all the effort made to keep everyone comfortable and well-fed through the week!

Best regards,


Cynthia M. Luneau
Law Offices of Michael G. Day & Associates, PC
Hagerstown, Maryland

Good morning, this is my first post! I attended the conference in Denver and I am taking on my first case where, thanks to all your information, I
have the confidence to handle the application too!

Stephanie J. Wilson, J.D., CFP®
832 Pennsylvania Street
Lawrence, KS 66044

Hi Karen,

How thoughtful of you! Thank you for doing this. I really appreciate it. You did a great job at the conference. Both Julie and I thought the
conference was one of the best we have ever been too. Already using some of the information we learned.

Best wishes,


Some of the best training I have received is from Victoria Collier, Esq. and Karen McIntyre on Veterans Benefits. Both have committed much
time in becoming experts in this area. Their programs and materials are well put together and highly informative. I have attended several of their
seminars and webinars and always receive considerable value from the training. Both Victoria and Karen have always made themselves
available after the training to answer questions and provide advice and direction, which has been invaluable in helping me serve my clients. I
encourage anyone who is serious about Veterans Benefits and learning from the best to participate in their training.

Kim Boyer, CELA
10785 W. Twain Ave., Suite 200
Las Vegas, NV 89135
(702) 255-2000

About our conference in San Antonio, TX September 2014

We had a wonderful time in San Antonio and I know that our staff learned so much! I know for myself after 4 years, a refresher and affirmation
that I had been doing things correctly was greatly appreciated. Our firm truly appreciates all that you do and is so thankful for the work each of
you do.

Have a great day.

Kristie Talley
The Elder Law Practice of H. Todd Whatley